Red Sox are Red, Dodgers are Blue…

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Hi all! While I have been away, I have been studying up and sharpening my betting skills. Through all of this, I certainly have learned a lot. Not only about sports gambling in general, but also how games are played along with their trends.

With that being said, the 2018 Fall Classic is amongst us! This years’ World Series features the Red Sox of Boston squaring off against the Dodgers of Los Angeles. Game 1 begins tonight at 7:10 PM CST. As of now, the Red Sox are the favorites listed at -175 on the money line (Dodgers +140). Interestingly enough, the lines opened up as Boston (-150). Notice how the majority of the money is in favor of the boys in the northeast. In this case, if you like Sale and the Red Sox tonight, you better hurry up and jump on them before their value drops too low for a minimal return. On the other hand, if you like Kershaw and the Dodgers, it might not be a bad idea to see how high that side of the money line could climb to increase your payout (baring a Dodgers win).

In my opinion, I see this particular series going 6 games where the Red Sox come out on top. I think that they have too much talent that trumps all other franchises this season; where it has shown. The Red Sox have only lost two playoff games thus far and ended the regular season with an overall record of 108-54 (MLB best).

My pick for tonight’s game is in your hands. Tonight, take the team that you believe has the more superior pitcher in Kershaw and Sale. I ask you tonight take in account both teams’ bull-pins and experience. Why you ask? Well, it is no secret that the Red Sox have a stronger bull-pin than the Dodgers. However, Kershaw possesses more World Series experience than Sale; hence, leading me to believe that Kershaw may be presented as a “you know what you’re going to get” kind of guy. It is also important to note that Sale has never pitched in a World Series match-up.

Good luck tonight if you wish to make any plays and stay tunes for my Week 9 NFL picks and Week 10 NCAAF picks.

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