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Week 1 of the newly reemerged XFL is in the books. Go figure, Week 1 provided us with the OVER/UNDER hitting the 50/50 split and the favorites covered 50% of the games; meaning that the dogs also covered 50% of the match-ups. So what did we learn from Week 1 of the XFL? We learned two things: First, we learned that the bookies are even sharp when a brand new league starts up. Second, we learned that no trends came from the Week 1 results.

As you all know, I love myself some dogs; especially in this case. Here we have a league that we know very little about and have obtained a very small sample size in terms of stats and trends. Hence, taking the points could (and should) be beneficial in the long run in this league. Here are the current XFL Championship odds…

DC Defenders (+300)

NY Guardians (+400)

HOU Roughnecks (+500)

DAL Renegades(+700)

TB Vipers (+700)

STL Battle-Hawks (+700)

LA Wildcats (+1000)

SEA Dragons (+1400)

Obviously I am not demanding you to pick the Dragons to win the championship because they are the biggest underdog; quite the contrary. Look to make a play here and there on the Seattle Dragon’s because the general public will typically hammer the Dragon’s opponents; potentially allowing Seattle to become an advantageous value bet. We have already learned that the sports-books are very knowledgeable about their provided lines, so what is our next angel to exploit? The general public! If we assume that the general public is wrong more often than not, than we should go against them, correct? Much like yourself, I too know very little about the XFL’s teams, players, rules, and coaches. However, if you can slightly familiarize yourself with these particular factors than it may provide you with a significant edge that the majority may not possess.

Good luck and go dogs! Also, stay up to date with your NCAAB picks and results so that you are prime and ready for your March Madness plays!

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