Wrapping up the dog-days of Summer

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The Dog-Days of Summer, also known as the heart of the MLB regular season is wrapping up and some of the playoff pictures are beginning to take shape. I mention the dog-days simply because this time of the sports calendar year can seem to drag on and put many sports gamblers through a “lull” (if you will). It is at this time, many betters tend to shift their attention over to the hound and horse tracks, especially if baseball is not doing it for them. You see, the NFL regular season has not yet begun, the NHL and NBA finals wrapped up in June, you don’t even get any college sports during this time for crying out loud! Nevertheless, this is a great time and opportunity to hit the books and improve your sports gambling skills.

For starters, since we are in the midst of the MLB regular season; let’s begin by discussing some tips for the latter portion of the the season. For me personally, I am not a huge fan of making play on MLB games. I am a big believer that these games are too much of a flip of a coin. You’ve heard the phrase “anyone can win on any given day in baseball.” Obviously, this statement is true for any sport. As for baseball, however, it is magnified. Hence why there are 162 games scheduled for each team every year. There is a need for a larger sample size for teams to separate themselves throughout the course of a season. With all things aside, there is one instance where I do like to take my chances on the diamond. I love looking for those squads who are in the playoff hunt and playing some of their best baseball towards the end of the year. These types of teams are giving their all every time they toe the turf, and rightfully so. However, a team such as the Kansas City Royals, whom are 38-86 at the moment are either not giving it their all, or experimenting with youthful talent in preparation for the future. Currently, a great example of one of those “hot” teams that I alluded to above is the Oakland Athletics. They are certainly playing their best ball and are right in the thick of things in terms of the AL playoff hunt. Don’t be afraid to make your plays on the Athletics if you see that they have a very favorable series match-up on the horizon. Who knows, maybe that could be the start to a brand new winning streak! As always, do your homework and take a look at the scheduled starters for each day and night.

Keep in mind: Making plays on a winning streak requires you to lose once and hop off the wagon. Whereas, placing your money in hopes that a winning streak will end could require you to lose a handful more of times before it comes to an end. 

With the NFL preseason starting up, you knew that I wouldn’t leave you guys without talking about the ole’ pigskin! I will make it short and sweet.  I would like to share where some of the Week 1 lines stand at the moment and the current NFL power rankings, enjoy!

NFL Power Rankings (Preseason)

If you recall back to my post from March of 2018 titled 2018 NFL MOCK DRAFT & SOME… I point out some stats of the probability of home dogs in Week 1 of the NFL season cover the point spread at a 55% clip. Remember, these statistics are for teams who finished with 7 or fewer wins in the previous season. Which leads to me to my next point, the Browns are 6 point dogs at home in Week 1 against the Steelers. The pride of Cleveland will be in full force to root on their up and coming and rejuvenated Browns. It is important to note that the Steelers have had some preseason drama occurrences with Bell (RB) and not to mention that Big Ben (QB) is beginning to age. The Cleveland Browns have nowhere to go but up!

As always, good luck this upcoming NFL season. Keep a lookout for my fantasy football tips coming soon…

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