If you fall, get right back up…

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Hello readers,

I will be the first to admit that I have been on quite the losing skid. My BR (bankroll) is in the midst of a downward spiral. However, I like to look at it as an opportunity for learning as oppose to simply losing money. With all things aside, I would like to encourage the reader to utilize the algorithm that is demonstrated in one of my recent posts titled, Week 3, Already?!. I have been keeping track, this equation has been having quite the success. It has been hitting at a 70% clip (give or take) on a weekly bases.

So what have we learned from this NFL season thus far? We have learned that the teams with prior success are continuing to have success (New England, Pittsburgh, and Seahawks) are playing as many expected them to play. However, there have been some up and coming contenders, such as the Eagles, Rams, Jaguars, and Vikings. I would venture off to guess that these types of franchises will continue to stay hungry and compete every single game to ensure their playoff bids. I would like to think that the recent “winning” programs will begin to go through the motions until the blistering cold playoffs great us. It is by no means a knock on these historic programs, I am only stating that the majority of these teams have essentially punched their tickets into postseason football and may display a lack of “hunger.” Do NOT be afraid to make your plays against these NFL giants!

As of late, I have wanted to locate where I could find the “sharpest” lines that are offered on the market. I wanted to do so to enable myself to know if I was getting a “fair” line through my personal bookie MYBOOKIE. I would like the reader to understand the importance in this. It is imperative to have access to the “sharpest” line possible before making your plays. These sharp lines can be found at PINNACLE SPORTS. Pinnacle Sports is an offshore sports book that is said to offer the most accurate lines of all. I am not pushing you to use them as your personal bookie, just as a window shopping experience, if you will.

For Week 13 of this NFL season, remember to shop around and compare lines. Look to see who the majority of the lines are leaning towards. If your personal bookies offers a line that is favorable to the likes, go ahead and make a play! Also, keep betting those UNDERS and UNDERDOGS!


***Stay tuned for some NCAAB tips as its season is in full swing!

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