“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

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It seems that virtually every sport under the sun is in full swing. This time of the year is special because it features NBA, NHL, NCAAF, and NFL competitions each day and weekend. Not to mention that NCAAB is just about to tip off!

This week inside NCAAF, we are privileged with numerous of quality match-ups. PENN STATE @ OHIO STATE, NC STATE @ NOTRE DAME, WASH STATE @ ZONA, and so on. With prime-time match-ups along with others, an important factor to keep in mind is who or who’s not accustom to the spotlight. As for me, I decided to take the road favorite (very rare for me) in TCU (-7) against the Cyclones of Iowa State. I believe that the Cyclones will not be able to handle the weight of being placed in the Top 25 as of this week and having the bright lights beamed over Ames, IA. Next week when making your NCAAF and NFL plays, take a peek at weather forecasts for competitions you like. This may sway you to think twice about your decision(s) and/or compel you take a glance at the O/U totals. It is never a bad idea to take UNDERS in football contests when weather conditions are not ideal for the players (i.e. rain, snow, ect.).

As for your NBA and NCAAB plays, weather is never a factor in terms of game outcomes. Today, the 76ers are visiting the Mavericks in Dallas. Philadelphia is a 1.5 road favorite. Both teams have only one win on the season. Also, the 76ers might be without their 3-point specialist (J.J. Redick – Questionable). The 76ers have also listed Markelle Fultz (G) and Jahlil Okafor (C) as OUT for tonight’s match-up. I like the Mavericks in this game straight up. Bet on the Mavericks tonight on the money-line! Another very powerful tool I have taken advantage of is a site titled: WIZARD OF ODDS. This site provides you with tips and analytical trends and past statistics.

Food for thought: I know that it is very early in the season, however after watching ESPN the other night, I noticed that the “Dukies” (NCAAB) barely squeaked out a win against a DII opponent in their opening exhibition game. I understand that this was their first game and that they will improve as the season goes along. Nonetheless, look to make a play against Duke in the near future against an actual DI opponent. Let’s not forget, Duke is notorious for getting upset not only against the spread, but outright as well! (Duke vs. Lehigh – 2012, and Duke vs. Mercer – 2014).

With the 2017-18 NBA in full swing, we are starting to get a good idea of what this years teams are made of. Some questions to ponder and keep tabs on: Are the Warriors down this year? Were the 76ers overrated this preseason? Were the Cavaliers trades worth their while? Are the Celtics going to flop without Gordon Hayward? Will the Thunder’s Big 3 live up to the hype? Are the Grizzlies a team to take seriously in the West?

Week 8 NFL Do’s and Dont’s…

  1. Stay away from making plays on the Vikings and Browns match-up. This game is being played in London. Who knows what kind of teams will show up when having to cross the pond. All three games played in London this NFL season have resulted in blowouts. My advice is to not mess with these London match-ups. They seem like crap-shoots to me.
  2. Last week featured a lot of games resulting in the UNDER. Look for teams to be offensive minded in Week 8. Pick those OVERS!

As always, GOOD LUCK!

Looking at the bigger picture…

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Every year the World Series greets us in late October. More often than not, the two best teams miss out on it. You may have heard a time or two that the baseball playoffs are a complete craps-shoot. Sound familiar? The team that ends up winning the World Series is not necessarily the best team, but more importantly the hottest team at the time.

However, one could make a very strong argument that the two best teams managed to find their way to baseball’s greatest stage this October. The Astros and Dodgers are very similar teams if viewed on paper. They both have a very solid starting rotation, they both possess above-average bullpens, and they both like to score runs. I would like to point out that the Dodgers like to score the majority of their runs via the long-ball; whereas the Astros tend to manufacture their runs with their speed. So what do we know about teams that have solid starting pitching? They love getting you those UNDERS! I did some digging. Last year’s seven-game fairytale ending for the Chicago Cubs was certainly one to remember. One other take-away I would like to point out is that five of the seven games hit the UNDER. Why is this? I am not 100% certain, of course. However, I am certain that you have an AL and NL team face off every year in the World Series. Interleague match-ups occur far less frequently than AL-vs-AL match-ups; vice-versa. Understand that these hitters for the Astros and Dodgers rarely (if not ever) get the opportunity to face the Clayton Kershaw’s of the NL (Los Angeles’s Game 1 projected starter) and the Dallas Keuchel’s of the AL (Houston’s Game 1 projected starter). The 2017 MLB All-Star game provided us with a whopping three total runs scored. Probably because these hitters do not see the interleague pitchers as often. NOTE: Good pitching beats good hitting! Do not be afraid of that “7” next to the O/U. Bet the UNDER in tonight’s Game 1 showdown!




As of recent, I began to log all of my plays in a notebook. Typically, I will write down the game, line, my pick, and amount that I wagered. Through this, I have found that I am able to see which sports and plays I am having more success with than others. Not only does this tip help keep track of your bets and your win/loss ratio. It also lets you take a step back and analyze yourself as a sports gambler. Do you find that you are having more success with picking the OVER/UNDERS? Are you having more success picking underdogs over the favorites? Do you feel that your plays are paying off in the money lines? Do you seem to make more money betting NCAAF over NFL? So on and so forth. These are the simple, but very important things that you must look at and keep track of if you are interested in making money over a long period of time. By no means is it easy to win in this business. That is why we have to utilize all of our resources and take advantage of them if we can.

Good luck this week and you can blame me if all of the World Series games hit the OVER!

Cash in on your NBA plays!

Covers.com is a excellent source (taking a backseat to my blog, of course) to gain knowledgeable insight for betting tips and which lines to keep an eye on. Covers has been a tool that I have utilized as of late. This site shows you where the majority of bets are leaning towards. Not to mention, proving you with all the scores from every sport that one could ask for.

To this point, I have discussed a lot pertaining to the MLB and NFL. This, in part, is due to the fact that these were/are the sports that are currently in season. However, I would like to write about the NBA and some tips for making your plays on this particular sport. The tips are as follow:

  1. When betting on NBA, if a home team is favored and winning at half; make your play on the visiting team if, and only if, they are getting points at the half (i.e. -3.5).
  2. Stay away from gambling on a team that is showing (-120); this is a sucker bet! Odds makers know that uneducated betters will see that the favorite has the edge (obviously). Hence, making a lot of small-money flowing towards the sucker bet. My advice is to stick with the even match-ups that offer an even (-110) for both squads.
  3. Do not shy away from making plays on teams that are without their “star” player for competition. NBA players tend to elevate their game when they know that their “dude” is absent. Not to mention, lines makers will typically “over-favor” the opponent of the missing player.  These plays can be gold if recognized correctly!
  4. Use common intuition. This is a very important part of handicapping. Take a look to see if a team has played 3 or 4 games in 4 days. Or, see if a team has had to travel a long distance to play their next opponent. Keep in mind that these players are humans too. Travel and rest are crucial factors in any type of competition.

Picking time!


49ERS @ REDSKINS (-10) – I like the Redskins to cover in this match-up. The Redskins are coming off their bye and look like a team that is heading in the right direction. Also, remember my post from 9/30 titled: Don’t be a lazy Bettor, I detail how a team traveling from West Coast to East Coast offers a significant disadvantage. This travel takes a toll on these players bodies. Look for Kirk Cousins and the ‘Skins to win 31 – 13. (PICK = REDSKINS)

PATRIOTS @ JETS (+9.5) – I love picking dogs that are at home in divisional rivalries. The Jets are looking much better than anyone could have foreseen. I mean come on, the Jets’ preseason season win total O/U was set at 2.5. It goes without saying that the Patriots have been bullying the Jets for over a decade now. Look for the Jets to seek out some revenge and just fall short to the Pats 27 – 21 and cover! (PICK = JETS)


ARKANSAS @ ALABAMA (-30) – The Razorbacks are simply too big of dogs in this game. With the Razorbacks quarterback (Austin Allen) as doubtful for Saturday’s match-up, look for Arkansas to run the ball a lot. I believe that there will not be enough time to put up too many points against an in conference rival. The Razorbacks will lose, but will cover the spread. Final: 38 – 13 (PICK = ARKANSAS)

OHIO ST. @ NEBRASKA (+24) – Ohio State will finally be facing a decent defense. Not the Rutgers D and Army D that they have recently faced. Nebraska has had this home game highlighted on their schedule all season. I foresee this being a lower scoring affair than Ohio St. is most comfortable with. Look for this game to be a lot closer than most think with the Buckeyes pulling it out. Final: 28 – 20 (PICK = NEBRASKA)

KANSAS @ IOWA ST. (+20.5) – I took the Jayhawks in this particular game after the Cyclones incredible upset over Oklahoma in Week 6. I believe that the Cyclones will have a bit of a wining hangover and come out sluggish against a Kansas team that no one respects and tend to take lightly on a weekly basis. Kansas will come out fully prepared against this Iowa State team due to their recent success. Also, lets be honest; Iowa State is clearly a pretender when it comes to beating teams with a caliber like the Sooners. Iowa St. will win, but not cover Final: 42 – 27 (PICK = KANSAS)

***Remember, do your research! And as always, good luck and don’t be afraid to leave some comments and tell me what you think. Oh, and go DOGS this week!

College Basketball is less than a month away…

A first look at USAToday’s preseason Top 25, who made the list and who did not? Any new faces to the mix? Any historic dynasties get left out?


ryne blog 2018 ncaab final4

After a quick glance, you may have to double take at the sight of Missouri being noticed as one of the 25 best teams in the country. Also, the Trojans of US climbed all the way up to the number eight spot! This is a team that has been dominated by their rivals of UCLA in basketball for years (probably forever). Now, they may get a chance for a little redemption during the 2017-18 season… Wait a minute, where is Gonzaga, Oregon, or Baylor?! Probably a mixture of bad recruitments and/or loss of solid seniors leaves them out of this year’s preseason hopefuls. Nevertheless, I am very excited (like always) for this upcoming college basketball season and the road to San Antonio!

Everyone loves to watch the big match-up’s throughout the week. We call these primetime games. Primetime games include Sunday/Monday Night Football, College Game Day, and obviously playoff competitions. Why do I mention this? Sports-books alike and Vegas will put a lot more focus on configuring the lines for these particular games. Okay, we get it. Get to the point! Okay, one tip that I like to take advantage of every so often is to find match-ups that sports-books and Vegas do not necessarily give two shits about (politely put). The odds makers will typically throw out a number and observe where the money begins to gravitate towards to come up with a more even line come closer to game time. So whether you are searching for small schools in college basketball and football, there will always be “holes” in certain match-ups for these FCS schools. It is in your best interest to find these “holes” early in the week so you can get a good line before the line begins to shift. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find lines like this in professional sports because of the simple fact that their are fewer teams. Fewer teams equates to more time being able to post a solid line. So next time you are searching for lines this NCAAF and NCAAB seasons, take a look at a Virginia Military Academy vs. Furman (for example) line and see if you can find an advantage for your next play!

Do you remember me discussing in a previous post titled Week 3, Already?! to look for significant shifts in the lines? Here are a few of the match-ups whose lines have shifted a bit that are worth mentioning. Keep in mind, go in the direction that the money is flowing towards; even if it means giving up a few points on the point-spread. Jaguars @ Steelers: starling line = Steelers -9. Line as of today = Steelers -7.5 (Pick Jaguars). Seahawks @ Rams: starting line = EVEN. Line as of today = Rams -1.5 (Pick Rams).

As always, good luck this week! I like the UNDER in the Bills and Bengals match-up for whatever its worth.

ACT I: Twins @ Yankees

2017 wildcard MLB rjd

Twins (+225) @ Yankees (-275)

This game marks the start to the 2017 MLB Playoffs. This AL Wildcard match-up seems very lopsided, according to the money line. However, let’s look at some reasons why the Twins have very solid betting value for today’s game. First, the Twins are a hot ball club with a chip on their shoulders. Second, the Twins faced Yankees starter (L. Severino) a few weeks prior and scratched 3 runs across in just 3 innings against him. Third, history shows that the Yankees are 3 and 7 in wildcard games. Last, the Yankees rely a bit too much on the long ball. I foresee Twins starting pitcher (E. Santana/veteran) to expose the young Yankee hitters and get the win.


O/U (7.5) = OVER

For those of you who read this blog, you may have noticed that my picks from last week fell face first. Not only was it a big slap in the face towards my credibility, but also my bankroll. However, I am not as upset as one might think. I, like many others, love learning and moving forward from my mistakes. My lock from Saturday (Rutgers) got absolutely bum-rushed against the Buckeyes. I will be the first to admit that. This is probably why I do not display a NCAAF tab on the homepage. However, if you are a believer in Isaac Newton’s theories, then you will know that what goes up must come down. I like to think of this ideology in reverse when it comes to sports gambling. Which brings me to my next point: when you have a bad week sports gambling (which you will if you haven’t already) don’t be afraid to keep making plays. Note: Learn from your prior mistakes and see if you can improve on them. Use a little trial and error to find the plays that work best for you and your betting strategies. You can experiment without spending money. Almost as if you were to make bets with yourself in your head… (keeping a journal doesn’t hurt either).

During the 2017 MLB Playoffs, look for trends that the game flow and players may be displaying in each match-up. If two teams played during the regular season, look at those final scores, how many runs were scored, and whom the starting pitchers were for each contest within the series. Look for the Cubs to not be nearly as motivated as they were last postseason. This could play largely in your favor throughout their first series against the Nationals. Also, keep in mind that home field advantage is not nearly as significant in baseball as it is in the NFL. When making playoff bets, do not worry too much about the “home field-advnatage” (refer to MLB post from 9/13/17). I would like to share one other aspect of sports betting that has worked more times than not for me in the past that relates to making baseball plays. I LOVE adding an extra point on a team I like a lot! When doing so, a team you like that is originally -195 on the money line, all of the sudden shoots down to EVEN! Obviously the team team you like must now win by at least two runs. Nonetheless, I absolutely love these plays. 

Good luck this week! Lord knows I need it…

“It’s not up to you how you fall. Its up to you how far you let yourself fall and how long it takes you to get back up and stand on your own two feet.”     —Sr. Tac Jeffrey Mitchell