Week 3, Already?!

First, here are your WEEK 3 NFL POWER RANKINGS

In relation to the this week’s power rankings, the Bengals @ Packers (-9) game had the biggest discrepancy. Hence, BET IT! According to the link above, the Bengals are ranked 30th (15) while the Packers are sitting at 7th (3.5). The equation is as follows: 15 – 3.5 = 11.5 — 11.5 + 3 = 14.5. If we go by the equation, in theory the Packers should win by “14 and a 1/2” points. Obviously you can only win (or lose) by whole numbers. However, for sports gambling purposes it helps when deciding your picks for the weekend. With any questions relating to this equation, refer to the previous NFL post from September 8th.

*** NOTICE: Jordy Nelson has been labeled as OUT for the Week 3 game against the Bengals. Keep this in mind when placing your bets.

RJD packers blog

I would also like to share with my fellow Bettors a little tip that is very easy to identify and very easy to “play.” In addition, you can use this tip for any sport, not just in your NFL plays.  When observing the game lines throughout the week, have you ever noticed that the lines tend to shift a little here and a little there? Well, these point shifts are not primarily determined by Vegas. So why do the lines shift throughout the week? When lines shift at the sports book, it is generally based on which side of the line most of the money is gravitating towards. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of money for lines to shift. Nevertheless, it is typically not a bad idea to take the side(s) that of which the gamblers with a lot of money are leaning towards. We call those who place a hefty amount of money on a particular game as sharps. These bettors are typically “professional” bettors. So, next time you are looking at the lines; take a look to see which way the lines are shifting. Let’s use the Bengals and Packers game for example. If the Packers line starts at (-9) on Tuesday and quickly shifts to Packers (-10) on Wednesday; then don’t be afraid to make a “play” on the Packers despite losing 1 point from the point spread. There is a reason (and usually a good one) why the line is shifting one way or the other.

My Picks:


BENGALS @ PACKERS (-9) – This match-up is what I was alluding to above. I really like the Packers to have a bounce back win in their return to Lambeau Field, especially against a very wounded Bengals squad. Despite the loss of Jordy Nelson, look for Devante Adams to have a monster game! PICK: PACKERS

BRONCOS @ BILLS (+3) – I picked Buffalo in this game because of the their Week 2 showing. Last week, the Bills went into Charlotte against a solid Panther team. Although their offense struggled, their defense seemed to hold their part of the bargain in a 9-3 loss. I think that the Broncos will be a good match-up for the Bills where two good defenses will be on display, especially when you consider that the Bills are looking for a bounce back win at home. Side note, Denver (mountain-timezone) is traveling to Buffalo (eastern-timezone). In the NFL, when a mountain timezone team travels to an eastern timezone venue, they are 44.5% ATS (against the spread), leaving you with a 55.5% of covering this bet, according to this statistic. Not too bad of odds! PICK: BILLS 


WASHINGTON @ COLORADO (+10.5) – I like the Buffs in this game. Colorado is looking for revenge after a Pac-12 (2016) title game loss against who else? The Huskies of Washington. I believe that the Huskies do not have the same offensive line as they had a season ago. Whereas the Buffalos are coming back from a successful 2016 season.Look for the home dog to cover, but not win. Washington (38), Colorado (31). PICK: COLORADO

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