We’re ready for you Joe Buck… #FallClassic

Let me first take the time to congratulate the Cleveland Indians on the miraculous task they have been able to accomplish (continuing as it stands) in the months of August and September. However, with this being said; look for the Indians’ bats to cool off come postseason play. As a former college baseball player, I know that pitching is your consistent backbone that teams lean on throughout a season. Whereas, hitting comes and goes in waves (much more streaky than a pitching staff).

joebuck RJD blogThis is a great transition for some MLB Postseason advice for my Bettors! I was stumbling around on the web and wanted to look at what the OVER/UNDER totals were in all 35 postseason games played in the 2016 Fall Classic. In my findings, I gathered that 21 of the 35 games that were played in the month of October resulted in UNDERS. This is the postseason we are talking about; managers will summon all of their weapons out of the respected bullpens and try to squeak out a win— hence, making it more difficult to score runs off a teams’ best arm(s). This 21/35 UNDER ratio is a 60% rate compared to the 40% that the OVERS came out to be. In the sports gambling world, a 60% win rate will make you a very rich man/woman pretty quickly. On a side note, I also looked to see if there were any significant differences between home and visitor win percentages last October. Long story short, the numbers are not worth mentioning because they came out too similar. In fact, the away teams won just one more game than the home teams.  Keep these tips in mind if you are planning to gambling on the #FallClassic that we so desperately crave in the month of October. One more tip, ear plugs help drown out the voice of the “all-knowing” Joe Buck.

Weekend picks: (9/16 – 9/17)


BROWNS @ RAVENS (-9.0) – Once again, I like the Browns in this match-up. Similar to last week against the Steelers (Browns covered), the Browns are facing off against a divisional rival; this time on the road. Look for the Ravens defense to not come out as energetic as last weekend. The Browns are close to becoming that team that can be competitive in a lot of games. 9 points is a lot to win by in the NFL on any given week, especially when you don’t have quite the same offensive fire power as the Ravens once had. PICK: BROWNS


TENN @ FLORIDA (-5.0) – The Gators are looking for a bounce back win against a tough opponent in Michigan. This will the be the first home game of the season for Florida. Look for them to come out with full motivation and ready to play. Florida hung with Michigan the entire second half whereas Tennessee needed overtime to beat a very average Georgia Tech team. PICK: FLORIDA 

FRESNO ST. @ WASHINGTON (-33.0) – I liked the way FSU competed last week against Alabama, they never quit. I expect the same from this match-up. The Huskies may try to air out the ball a bit more and put up more points than Alabama However, Washington’s defense does not compare to the defense of Alabama’s. Fresno St. (24) – Washington (52). PICK: FRESNO ST. 


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