Are you ready for some Football?!…

Notice that there is no NCAAF tab. This is not by accident. I figured that I could just lump the NFL and NCAAF together. I will not be posting a lot of content regarding NCAAF and game lines, ect. I choose to focus most of my attention on the NFL and NCAAB. With that being said, who says that I cannot gamble on NCAAF and not share my thoughts and insights with you all?!

At this moment, I am sitting in front of my television anxiously waiting for the Chiefs @ Patriots game to start (NE -8.5). In this particular game, one of Tom Brady’s main weapons is out for the season in Julian Edelman with a knee injury. I have read up on some information that in short states that opponents in Week 1 matchups versus the previous years’ Super Bowl winners are more likely to cover the spread if they are underdogs. Why is this? Who knows. Maybe it is because the opponent is more motivated because they know they must play well to beat the squad on top of the hill. So keep an eye on the Chiefs to cover that 8.5 point spread.

Once again, gather some theories/hypothesis’ that you may want to try out in preparation for the Week 2 NFL Season. Begin to develop some power rankings by halves for all 32 NFL teams. For example, think about placing the 49ers at 16th because they are the 32nd ranked team, where the Patriots would be placed at 1/2nd (if you will). Keep in mind, the home team (only in NFL competitions) gains 3 points on the spread no questions asked. Lets use this scenario: The Patriots (1/2nd) are visiting the 49ers (16th), what would the point-spread be? (16th-3) – 1/2nd = 12.5. In theory, the 12.5 equals what the Patriots should win by. You subtract 3 from the 16th because the 49ers at home, giving them 3 extra points. If you were wanting to place a bet on this particular matchup then you would want to see if the point-spread is above or below 12.5. If the line is above 12.5, place your wager on the 49ers; if not, place your money on the Patriots. 2017-18 WEEK 1 NFL POWER RANKINGS 

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Football picks (Week 2):


LOU (-8.0) @ UNC – Louisville is looking to have a better performance out of Lamar Jackson, while the Tar Heels looked very shaking after their loss against Cal. PICK = LOUSIVILLE

FRESNO ST. @ BAMA (-44.0) – Let’s be honest, 44 points is a lot to win by. I understand that it is the great Alabama; however, Fresno State is no FCS slap-dick opponent. Also, Fresno looked solid in their season opener against Incarnate Word with a victory of 66-0. Look for Alabama to come out a bit sluggish and unmotivated. PICK = FRESNO STATE

MINN @ OR ST. (-2.0) – Oregon State is an explosive team that is much improved and can put up points in a hurry, much like their rival Oregon. Go with an explosive Pac-12 team over an average BIG10 team. PICK = OREGON STATE

NEB @ ORE (-14.0) – After Nebraska’s nail biter against Arkansas St. look for the Ducks to take advantage of a crippled offense in Nebraska. Nebraska is missing two of their top three receivers. PICK = OREGON


PHL (-1.0) @ WAS – Kirk Cousins is finally looking to make his statement in the 2017-18 season. Never a bad idea to pick a home dog when two teams are pretty evenly matched (at least as it seems on the surface). PICK = WASHINGTON

PIT (-9.0) @ CLV – If we go by the logic previously state above, the Browns ranking would be 15th; whereas the Steelers would be 1st 1/2. Math time! (15-3) – 1 1/2 = 10.5. However, I chose to wager on the Browns because they are facing a rival on their home opener with an up and coming quarterback. More of a risk than anything, but seemed like a solid bet in my eyes. PICK = BROWNS

Happy football watching!