Preseason Week YOU! (2)

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We have officially received a taste of the 2017 NFL season and what each team has to offer. After analyzing the Week 1 preseason schedule, you should start developing some theories/hypothesis’ that you may want to test out in lieu of the regular season.

I am a big advocate of never gambling on preseason sporting competitions. I say this because who truly knows how motivated the athletes are since the games basically mean absolutely nothing (unless you are a rookie trying to make the squad). A theory or observation that I have gathered relates to the ever changing personnel that is constantly switching throughout the duration of preseason NFL games. If you are looking for a quick way to make a few bucks, I have found some success picking the under’s in these preseason games. Most teams will use all four of their QB’s in the first couple of preseason games. This makes it difficult for the offenses to establish any sort of rhythm during the game. Hence, allowing for the under to hit!

As far as the regular season is concerned, (when it really counts) when betting over/under’s get the total number in your head that you believe the line should be placed at. If that number in yourhead differs from the sports book’s line by at least +/- 2.5 then you my friend have yourself a bet worth placing. One easy way to come up with these random numbers is by using simple addition and division to find each teams’ scoring average per game and points given up per game on average. You will come up with four separate numbers that you will use to add and divide what the two final numbers would be if the teams’ average offenses and defenses numbers were combined.

Additional info:

Here is your sports gambling term for the day: MAVERICK LINE. Although the term itself is not too important, the idea behind is indeed in its own right. The maverick line explains the difference between the “lines” that two separate sports book’s place on the same game and/or prop. For example, if the Seahawks and Vikings are squaring off and one sports book has the Seahawks at -6.5 (Vikings +6.5) and another sports book has the Seahawks at -5.0 (Vikings +5.0), then the maverick line in this scenario would be +/- 1.5.

Vikings @ Seahawks O/U: 40.5 — UNDER

Happy Friday!

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